Building Engineering Groundwork... From the Air!
Building Engineering Groundwork...From the Air!
Q: How long does it take to complete an aerial survey?

A: Our smallest projects take approximately 7 business days to complete once we have collected the aerial photography. Large projects can take several months, depending on project requirements. We will do our best to give you an accurate estimate of the timeframe required to complete your project.

Q: What type of weather is ideal for aerial photography?

A: Photogrammetry is heavily dependent on shadows being cast on the ground next to objects like fire hydrants, trees, etc. If the weather is cloudy or hazy, it can affect the shadows and certain objects like fence posts can be missed. To achieve the best results, the sky should be completely clear and the sun should be almost directly overhead. Of course, your project cannot always wait for perfect weather, so we do our best to balance skies and schedules. It is generally up to our pilots to determine when weather conditions are favorable for your flight.

Q: Can you take a picture of my property for personal use?

A: While we can certainly schedule a photo for personal use, our planes carry special equipment which makes a simple aerial photograph more expensive than a recreational pilot simply taking pictures out of a plane window would charge. We suggest you connect with someone at your local airport for this purpose.

Q: My project is near a restricted area such as an airport or military installation. Can you perform mapping there?

A: Our pilots are familiar with the protocols of restricted areas and can coordinate with the necessary authorities to schedule your flight.

Q: When is the use of LiDAR appropriate over conventional mapping methods?

A: LiDAR is most useful for collecting DTM (digital terrain model) data over very large areas. While it can be faster than conventional mapping methods, LiDAR may not meet national mapping standards for your desired contour interval accuracy. It also can be very costly and generally requires more lead time to schedule. Please contact us to discuss whether LiDAR is a good fit for your project.

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